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Arctic spring

Arctic spring – the snow is melting in the second half of May, and the world up here is changing rapidly. Tempelfjord and east coast, recently just a day trip away, are suddenly as remote and out of easy reach again as they have almost always been. Brown patches are growing in the white cover of the tundra, and the first water is running in valleys that will soon be filled by torrential rivers. Snow buntings and geese are suddenly everywhere on the tundra, also inside Longyearbyen, and noisy Little auks are crowding the rocks high up on many slopes, flying up, when one of the now frequent avalanches is thundering down.

Next to tundra, valleys and mountains near to Longyearbyen, the many industrial sites from the coal mining days are interesting places for excursions and, as always, rewarding playgrounds for photographers. A number of panoramic views will follow here. A visit to the world-famous Seed Vault is, as expected, boring. Why is everybody so excited about it …? The best thing there is the view across Isfjord and Adventfjord.

And who said there were no trees in Spitsbergen?

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