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The ice cave in Longyearbreen


Meltwater-Caves Longyearbreen: It is very useful that meltwater caves in arctic glaciers mostly fall dry during winter. And it is without any doubt quite fascinating to have a look at a glacier from insight.

But it isn’t comfortable, and what I haven’t found this time are larger caverns, which are often part of such glacial caves. The panoramas were accordingly a bit tricky (I haven’t seen the results properly at the time of writing, but I am hoping the best …), and moving around with all that gear was occasionally a bit challenging. But those who like to move around in rabbit holes will be richly rewarded.

spitsbergen Meltwater-Cave (gallery)

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The meltwater-caves and channels of arctic glaciers fall mostly dry during the winter. Then, it is possible to walk in there, to get some fascinating impressions of a glacier from inside. Care and some equipment is needed, and the narrow holes are not for everybody.


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