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Pyramiden & Billefjord

A snow mobile tour of three days in early May 2013 to Billefjord and Pyramiden. Billefjord is, in my opinion, amongst the most scenic parts of Spitsbergen; the mountains there have character, you will recognize them on any photo. And Nordenskiöldbreen is a very impressive glacier. An evening walk in beautiful weather over the fast ice in Adolfbukta near the ice cliff of this glacier is something that you just can’t beat. Just in case anyone is wondering: Adolfbukta is named after the famous Swedish polar explorer Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld, just as the glacier.

It is possible to do the snow mobile tour to Pyramiden as a day trip, but that is really a long ride and many beginners will experience it as a tough one, possibly more stress than fun. Depending on the route, the driving can also be a bit challenging. A common route will take you through Adventdalen and Sassendalen to Tempelfjord and from there through Bünsow Land to Gipsdalen. Nordenskiöldbreen is not far from there, and then it is across the ice to Pyramiden. Alternatively, if the ice is not safe, you will take the route from Sassendalen up Rabotbreen and across the wide inland glaciers, around the upper reaches of Nordenskiöldbreen and via Ragnarbreen down to Petuniabukta. This is a long trip and for tourists, only legally accessible in the company of a guide or a local.

An overnight in Pyramiden or two will make everything much more relaxed, and then you will obviously have more time to look around there. The abandoned Soviet/Russian coal mining town Pyramiden is a fascinating place in itself. And if you have a full day in the area, then you can go and explore a bit in Billefjord or Dickson Land. We went to the northern part of Billefjord, an area called Petuniabukta. There is plenty of stunning places there to explore.

But have a look at the images and the linked panoramas. What do you think?

spitsbergen pyramiden (gallery)

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We couldn’t have imagined a more friendly farewell from Billefjord than with the Bearded seal near Brucebyen. Just if anyone is wondering: Bearded seals are often not afraid of people, as long as you are calm and avoid sudden movements and noise. In the end, we were just a few metres from the seal, but it was by no means annoyed or disturbed. It was still lying peacefully next to its water hole when we were already far away again. This is of course something you can only do if you are on your own.


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