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Northern Spitsbergen

We didn’t want to miss a little glacier hike and found the ideal place in Hinlopen Strait. Palanderdalen offered the opportunity to spend a long day far inland on Nordaustland, how often do you get to do that? More than 21 kilometres from coast to coast, between the large ice caps.

We entered exciting, rarely navigated waters in Lady Franklinsund, a place obviously more frequented by walrusses than people. After a visit to an old english expedition house in Brennevinsfjord, Heinrich found an unforgettable anchorage in a little bay just around the corner from Nordkapp, more than 1000 kilometres north of the place that most would associate with Nordkapp (North Cape). And our initial reasoning turned out to be just right: we were there just in time when nature opened the door a little bit, we got our chance for a brief visit to the northernmost islands and we used it well.

But even if there had not been anything else for us during these days in the far north: the curious polar bear alone would have been worth the time up there.

The far north

Advanced Spitsbergen with Arctica II, 2014: Map 3

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