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Southwestern Spitsbergen

The idea of going south first was to give the ice in the far north some more time to loose up a little bit. The first evening, just meant to get us a few miles away from Longyearbyen, was already so nice that some of us took the first little walk under the midnight sun sensu strictu. In Bellsund, some very small islands and a good hike through hidden inland valleys from Van Mijenfjord to Van Keulenfjord gave us some unforgettable memories.

In the 1930s, Wanny Woldstad had her little arctic paradise in Hyttevika, north of Horsund. Hornsund itself wasn’t so friendly that day, so it was an easy decision to turn out again. Unforgettable how Heinrich navigated Arctica II through Mesund at the south cape. Not for bigger ships!

The southern west coast.

Spitzbergen für Fortgeschrittene mit der Arctica II, 2014: Karte 1

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