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Gallery 6: Isfjord

The next thing on the wishlist for many was to find a good glacier playground with some easily accessible crevasses which would enable the glacier hikers to learn and practice some rope techniques. Falk managed this brilliantly on Esmarkbreen and those who wanted had the opportunity to actually rope down into a crevasse, which is quite an amazing experience.

At the same time, the tundra hikers went into Erdmannflya and enjoyed the wide, open landscape and the gentle colours of the tundra. Claus provided a thread through Earth history, while reindeer were watching from the distance.

We went under sails across Isfjord, with good speed initially, getting calmer then, so we could enjoy the beautiful view of Antigua under sail from the dinghy before Spitsbergen kissed us goodbye with a final beautiful sunset.

Gallery 6

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