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Gallery 4: Krossfjord and Kongsfjord


The weather in Krossfjord was quite mixed, everything from clear visibility to drifting snow. So views and impressions had a rather high arctic aspect, from the remains of a German war weather station in Signehamna to an impressive glacier in Tinayrebukta and the surprisingly numerous reindeer in this little valley, where tourists hardly ever happen to land.

The next day brought pleasures of all arctic sorts in Kongsfjord. Impressions on Blomstrandhalvøya were many and varied, from the beautiful growlers on the beach in the light of the morning sun to the old marble mine of Ny London, views over Kongsfjord and the varied coastal scenery. Then the wind picked up and the guides and crew got some stern landing training in surf conditions – moderate and easy, good fun for those involved unless you are afraid of wet feet.

Rolf Stange

We spent a good part of the afternoon near the mighty Kongsvegen glacier, silencing the impressed visitors with its sheer size and beauty. And who would have thought that a small, flat island, home to breeding geese and common eider ducks in the summer, would turn out to be one of the highlights of the trip? (Answer: anyone who has been on such an island before 😉

Gallery – Krossfjord and Kongsfjord

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