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Gallery 3 - Along the west coast to the south

Next to impressive scenery, we found „our“ polar bear in Krossfjord! Not close enough for full frame photos, but a good sighting and those who were sufficiently equipped with some heavy lenses got their shots.

The next highlight was something that we enjoyed greatly from a close distance: Sascha’s arctic BBQ. What an evening with such a stunning scenic background, again with unforgettable evening light!

A day in Isfjord rounded our voyage off. We visited Barentsburg, a strong constrast to all the natural beauty that we had had the last days. A final landing somewhere on the northern side of Isfjord rounded the whole thing quietly and peacefully off.
I think we would all easily have agreed to continue the trip for another couple of days! But the 10 days were over so we had to say goodbye, after a very enjoyable trip – thanks to everybody!

Gallery 3 – West coast to the south

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