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Svalbard with SY Arctica II, 2017

18 intense days in Spitsbergen, with a lot of rare landings in remote places, far from the trodden path. Often, we went ashore where other ships just pass in miles’ distance, if they get there at all – Collinsodden, Kvedfjordbukta, Lady Franklinfjord (with all 3 landings there), Engeløya, Bjørnskaubukta … to mention just a few names, which all have in common that hardly anyone will know them. But all of them are wonderful bits of arctic nature, hardly ever stepped on by tourists. We were there! One of the highlights on our list of rare landings was Rossøya, the northernmost land in Svalbard – this time, we made it to the top!

We had great wildlife observation opportunities from bird cliffs and walrusses to polar bears, including a stunning encounter which remains unforgettable. Read more about it in the pages linked up below and in the triplog (German only, sorry) – and of course the photo galleries.

Click here for the triplog (German).

Photo album – Svalbard with SY Arctica II, 27 July-15 August 2017

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