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Gallery 1: west coast (1)

From Isfjord to "The Seven Icebergs"

We started directly on the very first day with a rather rare landing on the exposed Bohemanneset and a walk over the flowering tundra of Bohemanflya to Rijpsburg, where Søren Zachariassen was the first one to start commercial coal mining in Spitsbergen in 1899. The Dutch NeSpiCo (Nederlandse Spitsbergen Compagnie followed on the same place some years later. The next day brought a good tundra-hike and our first polar bear and walrusses – not bad for the first full day. Ny-Ålesund followed and a bird cliff in Kongsfjord.

The trip further up north along the west coast was a thrill. Usually rough and wild, we enjoyed the „Seven Icebergs“, as the seven glaciers on this coast were known amongst whalers in the old days (today the name of this coast is „Dei Sju Isfjella“, a translation of the old name), under a sunny, blue sky. Landings on this exposed coastline? Usually not even a thought. Today? Yeah! 🙂

Gallery 1: west coast (1): Bohemanneset, Rijpsburg

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