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Arctic 2018

Triplogs and photos – Arctic 2018: on this page you will find triplogs and many photos from all my travels during the arctic season 2018. We start in Norway, touching Lofoten and continue towards Bear Island. Then, we spend most of a long, arctic summer up in the far north in Spitsbergen (or Svalbard, whatever you prefer), where we set sail several times with the beautiful three-mast barkentine SV Antigua (“Spitsbergen under sail”) and the smaller, adventurous SY Arctica II (“advanced Spitsbergen”).

Next to exciting excursions and hikes, we will also explore unknown territory whenever the opportunity comes up, and we will of course also meet the wonderful wildlife regularly. Join us on these arctic travels, free of any costs and without any risk of getting cold, wet or seasick 🙂 just follow this website as the triplogs and photos will appear as the arctic summer season 2018 is advancing, and of course the blog will be updated regularly as well!

Arctic under sail (and some hiking) 2018

Arctic 2018 - inside Bear island


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