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Lofoten, Bear Island (Bjørnøya), Spitsbergen - SV Antigua, 2018

Gallery 3: Spitsbergen

Thanks to fair winds and our early departure from Norway, we still had quite a lot of time to spend in Spitsbergen, much to everybodies delight. So we could not only explore in Hornsund and Bellsund, but even ventured as far north as Kongsfjord, to Ny-Ålesund and just across 79° north! During these beautiful days, we got a good impression of Spitsbergen’s stunning variety: the different, contrast-rich landscapes and the amazing wildlife, from many birds, walruses and reindeer to a friendly Humpback whale that greeted us with his fluke. Finding a polar bear turned out to be hard work, but we did find one in the end, with a bit of luck. It was a distant bear, but a bear!

This year’s early snow melt had yielded some space to walk at least at sea level, but a bit surprisingly, outer Isfjord was the place where the arctic winter still had a strong foothold. While the first flowers were already bringing some colour to the tundra further north and south, almost everything was still under snow at Alkhornet and around Barentsburg. Hence, during this voyage of 1184 nautical miles from Bodø to Longyearbyen, what we saw was not just a wide range of northern landscape from Norway’s small villages hidden in stunning fjords and on lovely islands and up to high-arctic Spitsbergen, but also a seasonal spectrum covering everything from early summer to late winter (in this order) within just 2 weeks!

Gallery 3: Spitsbergen

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