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Gallery 5: the southern west coast

Arctica II - 04-22 August 2019

The beautiful day across Storfjord led to an even more beautiful evening all the way south on Spitsbergen’s west coast. So beautiful that we could take the rare opportunity to make a landing on Sørkappøya (the south cape island). Really not an everyday thing, and certainly amongst the unforgettable highlights of a long arctic summer for me.

Stormbukta did not want us with all these shallows and low water, but the opportunity for a walk came later in Hyttevika. The countless little auks that were crowding the slopes just weeks ago had left, but the arctic foxes are still enjoying a good summer life.

In Bellsund, we got finally the opportunity for a glacier hike or, as a choice, tundra and glacier by boat. Then it was time to set course for Isfjord. Barentsburg was the place were we got a slow and slightly different introduction to what they call zivilisation again.

Gallery 5: the southern west coast

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