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Under sail to the ice with SV Antigua

Gallery 2: Northwards, to the ice

There was still a lot of ice on Spitsbergen’s north coast in early June 2019, and that was very tempting. The whole north coast was actually still completely locked in ice, we met the first drift ice fields in Smeerenburgfjord! After a lovely snow shoe hike, we found two curious walruses and had a look at the glacier front of Smeerenburgbreen before we continued into Kobbefjord on the west side of Danskøya. There, we took up a nice, almost forgotten tradition by leaving some mail in a cairn. Maybe another ship will find it and take it back to a post office one day …

Then we went into the ice. There was plenty of it. More than we had expected, actually. We made it as far as Raudfjord and not a single meter further. And we even made it back 🙂 just kidding … but it did take some time. Which was beautiful. Just cruising slowly through open drift ice, find some walruses every now and then, enjoy the views, the various islands on the way!

Gallery 2: Northwards, to the ice

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