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Under sail to the ice with SV Antigua

Gallery 3: on the west coast

After days and days in ice and darkness (no, no darkness here in June), it was time to get back to the tundra. In Eidembukta, the coastal plain was already largely snow free, so we could go for some walks along the coast and to some hills for the views. The typical inhabitants of the tundra were there: reindeer, arctic fox and various birds, including some grey phalaropes and common scoters, which is amongst the rare sightings in Spitsbergen.

After a little excursion into St. Jonsfjord we spent the last full day of our journey in Isfjord. Now the weather had finally cleared up, and it was great to see the sun again after several rather grey days. What could be better than a sunny day in Spitsbergen? Yes, a sunny day in Spitsbergen with a good (safe, no disturbance) polar bear sighting. We even saw a bear that was standing on an ice floe, eating a seal!

Gallery 3: on the west coast

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