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Greenland with SV Anne-Margaretha

25 August - 09 September 2019

Greenland Anne-Margaretha: Greenland is a scenic dream, totally in a league of its own in terms of dimensions, light and colours. Even and especially when you think that you have seen it all – Spitsbergen, Antarctica … Greenland is and remains unique.

Our destination with SV Anne-Margaretha was Greenand’s back side, the wild, large east coast. We started in Akureyri, so we got to see some bits and pieces of Iceland on the way there and back. You have to be a bit flexible when it comes to open ocean crossings in high latitudes with small sailing vessels, so we had a total of three days in Iceland to avoid storms – but having three days in Iceland is obviously not a bad thing at all 🙂

The crossings were a good bit of pelagic sailing. Obviously, everybody has a different perspective on several hundred miles of open sea on a small ship – for some it is a dream, you hardly get them away from the steering wheel. Others, well … you don’t see much of them until the ship is in sheltered waters again. Anyway, once we were there, we really had earned some golden days in Greenland, and we did get them! In Scoresbysund, one of the mightiest fjord landscapes on earth. Of course we could have had more time there, no doubt … but Greenland gave us some amazing days with these unbelievable dimensions of the landscape, the bright colours, the incredible icebergs, the (northern) light …

Thank you to all of you who were part of this amazing experience! At sea, during our sailings in the fjords, in the silence of the arctic nature – we enjoyed great spirits and atmosphere from one end to the other, a great contribution to a great trip. Thank you all! And especially, of course, to skipper and ship owner Heinz Wutschke and his good crew of SV Anne-Margaretha. And if you want to travel with Heinz on his ship, please have a look at his website (click here).

Click here to download the triplog (pdf, 12.7 MB, German text).

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Photo-gallery – Greenland with SV Anne-Margaretha 2019

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