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Gallery 4: Øfjord and Bjørneøer

Greenland 2019 with SV Anne-Margaretha

Well, spending weeks or even years was not an option for us right now. Instead, we set course eastwards through Øfjord. The scenery is just grand here beyond imagination. There are no words to describe that and no pictures to transport a real image. You have to have seen it to understand how gigantic everything is.

There is a lovely anchorage in Jyttes Havn at Bjørneøerne. With lovely hills and views.

Later that night, the anchor watch raised alarm, but for good reason: northern lights! Northern lights on the sky and northern lights on the surface of the calm water, as reflections. A row of densely packed mountain peaks forming the horizon between them. Stunning.

Gallery 4: Øfjord and Bjørneøer

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