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Gallery 3: Rødefjord and Harefjord

Greenland 2019 with SV Anne-Margaretha

Rødefjord and Harefjord: After an anchorage in Fønfjord that was not exactly great, someone pressed a button next early morning and the light went on. Golden sunlight fell under some clouds of morning mist through Fønfjord, bringing amazing light to the red and yellow colours of the tundra in Rødefjord. Just amazing, and what a start into the day, even before breakfast! Later things just got better, as Greenland provides a lot of beauty in this area: the inland ice sends greetings in shape of icebergs of all shapes, sizes and colours. Also regarding the general landscape, Rødefjord („red fjord“) really lives up to its name.

We sent another day in the inner branches of these fjords, namely in Harefjord. There, a small (well, for Greenland standards) glacier comes down from the inland ice to the fjord. And wide tundra areas, hills and mountains invite for walks just about everywhere. No doubt that you could spend weeks here. Or years.

Gallery 3: Rødefjord and Harefjord

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