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Gallery 1: Krossfjord and Kongsfjord

North Spitsbergen under sail with SV Antigua, 19-29 september 2019

The first passage gave us wonderful evening light over Isfjord and the first morning some waves, which led to mixed reactions from “can I please get a helicopter as soon as possible” to someone deciding to return already in October to join the Antigua for the crossing to the mainland in order to get some real waves … 🙂 that’s how differently you can look at it, and everybody is right in his or her way of perceiving things.

Anyway, soon after breakfast we entered Kongsfjord/Krossfjord and made our first landing in Signehamna. Later, we went into some other ones of Krossfjord’s various branches, visiting a few glaciers, looking at them from different prespectives, from the ship and from land.

The next day was certainly amongst the highlights of the trip (well, which day wasn’t, after all?). The weather was just particularly beautiful! We went across Blomstrandhalvøya, “climbing” the highest “peaks”, Irgensfjellet and Bratliekollen – stunning views! In the afternoon, we went to Sigridholmen, one of the small, but beautiful islands of Lovénøyane, and later, we finished the day in Ny-Ålesund, Spitsbergen’s northernmost settlement.

Gallery 1: Krossfjord and Kongsfjord

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