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Gallery 3: Back to Isfjord

North Spitsbergen under sail with SV Antigua, 19-29 september, 2019

The silent, but in its own way beautiful landscape is one thing that we will remember about Vesle Raudfjord – but also the amazing amount of plastic pollution on the beaches. After our visit, there was at least a bit less of that shit than before.

This was followed by a little tour with a big view in Raudfjord, before we continued back to the northwestern corner, enjoying stunning scenery and some polar history in Sallyhamna and in Fuglefjord. Then the curtain closed outside, regarding weather and visibility, so we just made some mile to the south, back towards Isfjord.

There, we went straight to Barentsburg, hiding from the weather, which showed itself from a rather wintery and rough side the whole day. Which isn’t too bad if your choice for the afternoon is museum, shopping, sauna, café, lecture on board or, for the hardy ones, a walk up the hills behind Barentsburg. Or if you, as Daniel did, shoot the best arctic fox photos of the whole season!

Arctic fox, Barentsburg

Arctic fox in Barentsburg. Photo © Daniel Höhne.

We spent the last full day in Billefjord. Those inclined to stretch their legs got their opportunity to hike up a mountain to gain some altitude and a great view, while others took a relaxed approach and enjoyed the grand scenery of and around Nordenskiöldbreen. Then we went for our last landing at Gipshuksletta, where the september sun showed off again, treating us with stunning light.

Gallery 3: Back to Isfjord

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