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Part 3: Lofoten

North Norway with SV Antigua, 2019: Tromsø-Lofoten-Bodø

Finally we reached the Lofoten area. Not yet Lofoten proper. Skarberget is in Tysfjorden (or, in the Sami language: Divtasvuodna) in the district of Ofoten, opposite Lofoten on the mainland. The similarity of the names, Ofoten and Lofoten, is just coincidence. Skarberget is a lovely area for hiking, even when the wind is blowing the snow into your face.

Tranøy is a place of art. There is art everywhere in this nice little village. Parts of it are quite obvious, whereas you have to look for other ones. That does not get easier as it is getting dark, but we found quite a few.

Then we went to Lofoten proper. Trollfjord was a bit of a winter adventure, and Skrova great as always, with lovely hiking and walking opportunities, Sascha’s BBQ and even a bit of northern light later that evening.

Kabelvåg is another rather silent place, but nice and it has an interesting history museum and an equally interesting marine aquarium. The hard-bitten ones were not put off by some water – frozen from above and wet from below – but hiked to Svolvær, where we took the bus to the northern light centre in Laukvik later that evening.

A visit to the lovely village of Henningsvær, situated on several small islands, rouned our visit to Lofoten off before we crossed Vestfjord to Bodø.

Gallery: Lofoten

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