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West- and north coast of Spitsbergen

with SV Antigua 11-22 September 2010

The golden days of the short arctic autumn are not always golden, but if so, then for real. Out of those few blessed ones who have been there, who could ever forget the magical sunset on Moffen island behind the herd of walrus, or the polar bear in Woodfjord in the evening light, or the warm light in Kongsfjord during the mountain walk with the view onto all those glaciers, or cruising down Forlandsund with all those colours on Hermansenøya, or… or… or…

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antigua (gallery)

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»Mountain goats II« (Texas Bar/Erikbreen)

»Mountain goats II« (Texas Bar/Erikbreen) (Download large image file)

»Mountain goats II« (Blomstrand)

»Mountain goats II« (Blomstrand) (Download large image file)

The Antiguans (Hermansenøya)

The Antiguans (Hermansenøya) (Download large image file)


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