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Snesund (Snow Sound) is one of many natural channels in inner Scoresbysund. It is separating the islands Sorteø (Black Island) and Storeø (Great Island) in the west from the big island Milne Land in the east, connecting Rødefjord and Øfjord. It can accordingly be used as a shortcut during a circumnavigation of Milne Land, but then you miss some scenic fjords such as Harefjord, Rypefjord and the northern part of Rødefjord. The best is of course having enough time to sail into all of them ☺ and Snesund is a very senic passage. It has the narrowest part of all the great fjords surrounding Milne Land, but even this is almost 3 kilometers wide …

As the other fjords in the area, Snesund is very deep, even directly adjacent to its rocky, often near vertical shorelines. We took advantage of this bathymetry by parking our very robust ship Ópal directly on the shore, using a hose to stock with crystal clear glacier meltwater, filling our drinking water tanks with the best water you can imagine. Meanwhile, we took a little walk up the rocky gravel slope, visiting a smaller glacier tongue that had obviously retreated strongly in recent decades, making fascinating close contact with the glacier ice.



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