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Moskenes, Lofoten

Reine is a little village on the Lofoten island of Moskenes and the »capital« of Moskenes community. It is a small »capital« with 324 inhabitants (as of January 2012) but this makes a lot of the charme of the place. Reine has been an important fishing harbour for centuries, and it still is today. Obviously, as the famous »Stockfish« is everywhere to be seen: cod drying in the wind on wooden racks. »Rorbuer« near the water, in the old days providing simple housing for fishers who came for the seasonal cod fishery, nowadays sought-after tourist accommodation.

The charme of the place is made complete by its scenic surroundings. Rugged mountains are rising towards the sky directly from the shoreline. This is what the Norwegians call »Lofotveggen«, the »Lofoten wall«. And indeed it looks as if you are heading towards a wall if you approach by ship.

Panoramas: Reine


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