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360° Panoramas

Skrova 1: the island

Skrova is a small island in the northern Vestfjord, not far from Svolvær and Trollfjord. A number of islets and skerries gives the harbour good shelter. The harbour has for a long time been an important place for fishing and whaling and it still is. The village has developed around the harbour, in 2013 it had about 190 inhabitants.

Skrova 2: the tunnel 1

Typically for Norway, the country of tunnels and bridges, a tunnel has been driven through a little hill to connect two parts of the settlement with each other.

Skrova 3: the tunnel 2

Typically for the more recent development, the tunnel is not mainly used anymore to reach the facilities on this side of the harbour, but mainly as a gallery with historical photos that show what life was like here in the past. Nowadays, artists and photographers are more and more replacing fishers and whalers in places like Skrova.

Skrova 4: the beach

Tourists are, next to art and culture, mainly attracted by the beautiful nature and landscape. Easy walks lead to small bays with white sand beaches and blue water.

Skrova 5: Skrovafjellet

A more demanding hike is the tour up the 281 m high Skrovafjellet. A rope has been installed to help during the more demanding passages on the steep, rocky slope, but real climbing is not involved. On top, there are an antenna and the view over the whole northern part of Vestfjord.

Skrova 6: top of Skrovafjellet

The top of Skrovafjellet. Somebody has installed a prayer flag as common in the Himalayans. To the west, you see Austvågøy with the town of Svolvær. The Norwegian main land is in the east, and in the north, there are some smaller islands (Stormolla, Litlmolla) and then Raftsund with the famous Trollfjord.


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