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Polar Panoramas and Panorama Tours

360° Panoramas

In the summer of 2012 I made my first cautious attempts towards panoramic photography. From spring 2013 onwards,”real” panoramas were regularly shot with proper equipment to allow 360 degree panoramic views. That was because of my first trip to the Ross Sea in Antarctica. I just had to find a way to do photographic justice to the great views that were waiting there!

Here you will find links to the panoramic areas of the northern and southern polar regions:

  • Spitsbergen and Bjørnøya (Bear Island). Since late 2017 with interactive map. This is by far the most extensive collection of panoramas. And there are a lot of material still to be edited for the website, and of course new panoramas are being created all the time as I keep travelling these stunning areas regularly. Ultimately, nothing less less than a virtual museum for the entire Svalbard archipelago is being created here!
Spitsbergen - 360°-Panoramas

A large collection of navigable 360° panoramas and panoramic tours of Spitsbergen. Navigation made easy by an interactive map.

  • Jan Mayen. Among others with a full panorama from the top of Beerenberg.
Beerenberg-Pano - 360° panoramas

A collection of navigable 360° panoramas from Jan Mayen. Enjoy a virtual trip to the fascinating island of Jan Mayen including some nearly impossible-to-get-to-places.

  • Greenland. Panoramas from Greenland. The focus is the Scoresbysund in East Greenland.

A collection of navigable 360°-panoramas from Greenland, with interactive map.

  • Norway. Panoramas from northern Norway, from Lofoten to Tromsø.

A collection of navigable 360° panoramas of Norway, with interactive map.

  • Antarctica. The other extensive panorama collection – take a virtual tour with us to the deep south!
Antarctic Panoramas - 360° Panoramas

A variety of navigable 360° panoramas and panoramic tours from the Antarctic, from South Georgia to the Ross Sea.


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