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Barentsburg: brewery - Kracnij Medwed

360° panoramas

The brewery in Barentsburg began some years ago with the production of light beer, because the production of stronger alcoholic drinks was forbidden in Spitsbergen by Norwegian law. But once this old-fashioned prohibition had been removed by the Norwegian parliament, the production of real beers could start. Since then, the “Red Bear” (Красный медведь = Kracnij Medwed = Red Bear, this is the name of the brewery) produces several kinds of beer, which are available in the local bars. All of them enjoy great popularity amongst visitors.

The brewery is located close to the hotel. This can be quite useful after extensive testing of the various products.

The brewery itself is located on the first floor, together with a small bar for beer tastings.

There is a bar in the second floor. The bar was re-designed in 2017 with great success: it is really tempting to settle down for a long evening and enjoy a beer or two or three! Often it is quite busy and lively. Many ships, hiking groups and expeditions have left their signatures on the roof.


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