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Panoramas Bellsund



Map Bellsund

Panoramas: Bellsund

  1. Nathorstbreen, Van Keulenfjord
  2. Observatoriefjellet, Recherchefjord
  3. Akseløya, Van Mijenfjord
  4. Fridtjovhamna, Van Mijenfjord
  5. Blåhuken, Van Mijenfjord
  6. Ahlstrandhalvøya, Van Keulenfjord
  7. Forkastningsdalen – glacier cave   * NEU

Bellsund is one of Spitsbergen’s largest fjord systems. It has three main branches: The relatively small Recherchefjord is situated on its southern side, while the two larger inlets Van Keulenfjord and Van Mijenfjord are cutting deeply into central parts of Spitsbergen, offering a splendid geological cross-section from the strongly folded west coast deep into the Central Tertiary Basin. The whole area has a lot to offer, not only in terms of geology, but also regarding scenic beauty and historical interest.


Forkastningsdalen - glacier caveObservatoriefjellet, RecherchefjordAkseløya, Van MijenfjordFridtjovhamna, Van MijenfjordAhlstrandhalvøya, Van KeulenfjordNathorstbreen, Van KeulenfjordBlåhuken, Van Mijenfjord
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