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For more technical information on how to display panoramas, please see the bottom end of the page.

Panoramas Bjørnøya

  1. Russehamna
  2. Austervåg
  3. Tunheim, Siloodden
  4. Kvalrossbukta   * NEW
  5. Sørhamna   * NEW

Location Maps

Click the marker to get to the corresponding panoramas.


How to display panoramas 

On this page, you will find navigable panorama shots. Click the play-button to load the panorama. You can then navigate with your mouse or the buttons at the bottom end of each panorama. If you have a touch screen, then you can also easily scroll through the panorama with your fingertips. The Google browser Chrome, which is regularly used on Android mobile devices, has problems to show panoramas properly. Until Google has solved this problem, the only solution available is to our knowledge to use another non-Android device. Desktop-computers will use Flash (if installed) and mobile devices HTML5 to screen the panoramas. HTML5 does not show the navigation buttons at the lower rim of each panorama. Flash-users can also view the panorama in full screen mode. To do so, click the button on the far right end, with the four arrows pointing at the corners. To see the navigation buttons, you have to load the panorama first and you have to have a recent Flashplayer installed. This will be the case for most up-to-date desktop and laptop computers. Mobile devices do normally not support Flash.


SørhamnaKvalrossbuktaRussehamnaTunheim, SilooddenAustervåg
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