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Blomstrandhalvøya: Bratliekollen

360° panorama

Bratliekollen is 370 metres high, which makes it the second-highest “mountain” on Blomstrandhalvøya in Kongsfjord. The height may not be impressive, but the 360 degree panorama view of the surrounding Kongsfjord certainly is. Also Ny-Ålesund is visible from here, Spitsbergen’s northermmost settlement. The landscape bears strong character of former glaciation such as many large erratic boulders and rounded hills, clear traces of the ice age rather than recent glaciation. The higher parts of Blomstrandhalvøya have well-developed solifluction areas (can be pretty muddy!) and frost-patterned ground.

Geologically, Blomstrandhalvøya consists largely of pre-cambrian marble, which was exploited in the early 20th century on a trial basis by the Northern Exploration Company in their marble mine Marble Island, which is today mostly known as Ny London. Next to Marble Island, Blomstrandhalvøya is, at least amongst geologists, known for the grottos and caves.

Pano 1 – Blomstrandhalvøya: Bratliekollen

Bratliekollen was named after Jens Kristian Meinich Bratlie (1856-1939), a Norwegian politician. “Kollen” means hill.

The highest elevation on Blomstrandhalvøya is Irgensfellet.

Pano 2 – Blomstrandhalvøya: Bratliekollen


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