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Blomstrandhalvøya: Irgensfjellet

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Irgensfjellet is an elevation of 385 metres and thus the highest “mountain” on Blomstrandhalvøya in Kongsfjord. The elevation is of course modest, but the view is nevertheless impressiv. Kongsfjord is famous for the scenery, and on a nice day with good weather, the panorama is absolutely glorious!

The view is especially good to the north. You can see Blomstrandhamna with several small islands (bird reserves!) and the glacier Blomstrandbreen. This glacier connected Blomstrandhalvøya to mainland Spitsbergen until it retreated in the late 1980s. This explains the name: “halvøya” means peninsula. The name is still used, altough Blomstrandhalvøya is clearly an island today.

Pano 1 – Blomstrandhalvøya: Irgensfjellet

The second-highest elevation on Blomstrandhalvøya is Bratliekollen, from where you have a great view especially to the south.

Pano 2 – Blomstrandhalvøya: Irgensfjellet


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