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Engelskbukta: Comfortlessbreen

360° panoramas

Engelskbukta is named after English whalers who had a little shore station on the north side in the 17th century. Remains of a blubber oven and a grave can still be seen.

Comfortlessbreen – Pano 1

We are on the glacier Comfortlessbreen. The whalers called the bay Comfortless Cove, an indication of the misery they often had to endure here. It is certainly not always that the weather is as pleasant as on this fine summerday in 2019! In 2007 and 2008, the glacier advanced rather rapidly („surge“). It has retreated again since and the surface is now quite flat again, not as crevassed and broken anymore as it was during the surge.

Comfortlessbreen – Pano 2

Near the glacier, you can see a picturebook-quality glacial landscape with moraines and meltwater river plains.

last modification: 2019-08-25 · copyright: Rolf Stange