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The little peninsula of Crozierpynten is situated on the eastern side of Sorgfjord. The list of those who visited this place in the 19th and early 20th century is almost a who-is-who of arctic exploration of those years … Edward Parry (1827), the Swedish section of the Russian-Swedish Arc-de-meridian-expedition established their wintering quarters there in 1899, and the Herzog Ernst, ship of the Schröder-Stranz-expedition, was forced to spend the winter 1912-13 there, while the leader himself, Herbert Schröder-Stranz, was most likely already dead on Nordaustland. This list is anything but complete. Not to mention all the trappers who wintered there when the Swedish house was still standing upright.

Different views of the area of the Arc-de-Meridian station on the southern side of Crozierpynten. The station was built in 1899 by the Swedish section of the above-mentioned expedition and subsequently used to winter there. The expedition is surprisingly little known, but it was very successful and brought a wealth of topographic and other scientific material back home without any loss of life, quite in contrast to many others in those early years.

The hill Flaggstanghaugen on Crozierpynten is just 31 meters high. Sometimes this is more than enough for some great views.


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