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Prins Karls Forland - Dawespynten, Kenmore

360° panorama

Dawespynten: Kenmore

The Scottish Spitsbergen Syndicate (SSS), where the famous Scottish polar explorer William S. Bruce was involved, built a hut at Dawespynten on Prins Karls Forland in 1919 for explorative work, hoping for mineral resources that could be exploited. The hut was called Kenmore.

There was never any mining on Prins Karls Forland, and there is nothing but a pile of wood left of the hut Kenmore.

William Speirs Bruce and The Scottish Spitsbergen Syndicate Ltd. (SSS)

During the expedition of Duke Albert I. of Monaco in 1908, Bruce was almost unintentionally left behind on Prins Karls Forland. Maybe that helped to fuel his own interested in the island? He claimed the whole island of Prins Karls Forland for the SSS inspite of not having found any commercially valuable occurrences there.


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