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Dickson Land: Yggdrasilkampen

Yggdrasilkampen 1

Yggdrasilkampen is the mountain on the southern side of Mimerdalen, where the well-known Russian ghost settlement of Pyramiden is situated. It is the long ridge which you constantly see as you look from Pyramiden across the valley. An impressive mountain with a wide plateau with some protruding ledges. It won’t surprise you to read that the view from these ledges is great. The fact that the sun is coming from a good direction for most views of interest during mid-day and afternoon does not hurt either. To the west, you can see the valleys disappearing in the distance in beautiful Dickson Land, you have got Pyramiden more or less to the north or northeast and all the way to the east, you can see Billefjord and Nordenskiöldbreen. All this together makes for quite an impressive panorama! I hope that the panos on this page manage to transport a bit of that impression.

Yggdrasilkampen 2

The „problem“ is that you have to have to get there to enjoy the view. As a round trip from and to Pyramiden, ascending Yggdrasilkampen from Billefjord and descending down to the valley in the west, it is almost 20 kilometres. You are climbing a net altitude of 583 metres. The ascent and descent are both quite challenging: steep slopes with lots of loose scree, that definitely requires good confidence to move around in that kind of terrain. And you have to know the right spots where you actually can get up and down, mostly it is just too steep!


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