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Wijdefjord: Dirksodden

One of 3 Pomor huts that are still existing in Svalbard

Pomor hut at Dirksodden

The Pomors were people from from the White Sea coast in northern Russia. These hunters and fishers had a large number of hunting stations all around Spitsbergen. Almost all of them are ruins today, many hardly visible anymore, but 3 are currently still standing, all of them in northern Wijdefjord. One of them is this hut at Dirksodden. The hut has been renovated, otherwise it would most likely not exist anymore. Some graves are visible south of the hut.

When I shot this panorama, the weather was so bad that it was not possible to take another pano outside. Next time … It was difficult enough inside, where it was dark and space is really limited.

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