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Upper Endalen


Upper Endalen

In upper Endalen, the river rushes steep slopes down that are made up of the moraine of Bogerbreen and underlying bedrock. The river is split up into several branches, one of them forming the waterfall and another one a little wildwater river, rushing down the steep moraine slope. This is quite likely the end of most summer hikes into Endalen, at least at times of high water.

Endalen 3

A winter tour does not have to deal with the river because it does not exist in the cold season. In winter, lower Endalen is a popular cross-country skiing route. The popular part, which is sometimes even levelled and prepared for skiing, ends after a few kilometres from the road, though. From now, you have to find your own way.

In upper Endalen, the valley is surrounded by nice lower tertiary sandstone cliffs.

Endalen 4

A little meltwater river from Bogerbreen falls down over some sandstone cliffs. It is frozen to a column of ice in the winter. This is where the lower, flat part of Endalen ends. We can continue the tour, however, by climbing up the moraine of Bogerbreen.

Endalen 5

The ascent is a bit of a climb, but the view from the moraine hills of Bogerbreen is more than worth it. We are looking over the whole of Endalen towards Adventdalen in the distance.

Endalen 6

Now we have reached the transition from Endalen to Fardalen. From Fardalen, there is a steep ascent up to Longyearpass and Longyearbreen, so you don’t have to return the same way through Endalen. Together with the nice views, this makes it a very nice ski tour in March or April. It is quite a tour with 17-18 kilometres length and two significant ascents. Make sure you are not eaten by a polar bear or hit by an avalanche. Have fun!


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