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Fjortende Julibukta

360 degree panorama

Fjortende Julibukta is a sidebay of Krossfjord. Due to the varied beauty of its nature, it is well-known and a popular place to visit. The glacier, Fjortende Julibreen, is often quite active, it is the most obvious eye-catcher in Fjortende Julibukta. It is possible to approach the glacier front by boat or on the beach (keep a safe distance and be aware of the risk of very heavy breakers in case of major calvings!).

At Redingerpynten, on the north side of the entrance to Fjortende Julibukta, there is a little bird cliff at sea level, with Brünich’s guillemots and some puffins and geese. There used to be a pair of razorbills or two, but they have not been seen in recent years as of 2019. There are larger numbers of seabirds higher up on the mountain slopes.

The bird cliffs provide abundant fertilisation to the lower slopes. Together with the bedrock, which consists of schist that is easily weathering and the relatively mild local climate – south-facing slope on the central west coast – this combination enables a rather rich vegetation to grow. Next to common species such as the moss campion, there are more rare ones including the polar dandelion (Taraxacum brachyceras) or the black fleabane (Erigeron humilis). Plants get bigger here than in most other places in Spitsbergen.

It is self-evident that visitors have to treat the beautiful nature respectfully to avoid disturbance of birds, erosion on the vegetation and risks related to the calving glacier!

last modification: 2019-07-15 · copyright: Rolf Stange