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Forlandsund: Eidembukta

360 degree panorama

Eidembukta 1

Spitsbergen’s west coast has varied coastal scenery which are clearly shaped by the forces of wind and sea. Wide bays with gravel beaches are interrupted by small, rocky capes. A typical west coast feature are the wide coastal plains („strandflate“ in Norwegian). The process of their formation is not known in detail. Coastal erosion together with repeated relative land uplift and subsidence during Quaternary ice age glaciation and deglaciation were certainly key processes. However it exactly went, the result is a fascinating, varied and huge landscape.

Eidembukta 2

There is still a lot of snow on the west coast tundra in early June, but there is more and more open vegetation from day to day. Reindeer are roaming around, happy that the winter is over at this time, and geese are gathering in large concentrations on the west coast to recover from the spring migration. Soon they will spread out to their various breeding grounds.


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