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Raudfjord: Hamiltonbukta

360° panorama and some background

As you come from Spitsbergen’s west coast, just follow the north coast and turn right twice to find Hamiltonbukta 🙂 it is part of Raudfjord, the first coast on Spitsbergen’s north coast (as you come from the west). And within Raudfjord, it is the northernmost bay on the west coast. So, turn right, two times.

Cut into very old, very hard, crystalline basement rocks by pleistocene glaciers, Hamiltonbukta is not very big, but the scenery is nevertheless quite impressive, with steep rockwalls, some of which are home to seabirds such as Brünich’s guillemots and kittiwakes, and a couple of glaciers. Some of them have retreated dramatically in recent years. There are also some small islets in the bay, known as Hamiltonøyane. The panorama was taken on the largest of these islets.


last modification: 2020-08-30 · copyright: Rolf Stange