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Hinlopen Strait is a large area. It is especially the smaller islands in Hinlopen Strait that will get their place on this site. The large neighbouring islands of Spitsbergen and Nordaustland have both got their own sites here. There isn’t yet too much panorama material from Hinlopen Strait, but this round view from Wahlbergøya is a start. There will be more at the end of 2014, that’s pretty certain.

Panoramas Hinlopen Strait

Panoramas Hinlopen Strait

  1. Panoramic view of the Wahlbergøya

Panorama Wahlbergøya

Wahlbergøya is a polar desert area, very similar to the landscapes of southern Nordaustland (Augustabukta, Torellneset, Vibebukta). If you look more closely, you will see a group of walrusses.


Panoramic view of the Wahlbergøya
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