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Kongsfjord map
NY = Ny Ålesund, Bl = Blomstrandhalvøya, Lo = Lovénøyane, Th = Tyskehytte

This site includes a selection of 360 degree panoramic images from Kongsfjord in northwestern Spitsbergen. Kongsfjord is famous for its scenic beauty and varied landscape, with a number of glaciers and islands. It is also historically quite interesting. Ny Ålesund, a former coal mining village which has developed into an international research community, is attracting tourists in substantial numbers. For tourists, it is only accessible by ship. Visits of large cruise ships have, however, gone down strongly in numbers since the heavy oil ban came into force in Spitsbergen’s national parks in 2015.

Parts of Kongsfjord are within the Northwest Spitsbergen National Park. Most of the smaller islands are protected bird reserves.

sub pages with panoramas from the Kongsfjord

  • NY − Ny Ålesund (under construction)
  • Bl − Blomstrandhalvøya (under construction)
  • LoLovénøyane
  • ThTyskehytte

3 older Panos from the Kongsfjord with less than 360°

These Panos will soon be replaced by other 360° panoramas.

An unbelievable sunrise behind the famous mountains Tre Kroner in inner Kongsfjord in late September 2012. Admired, enjoyed and photographed from the harbour in Ny Ålesund.

The panorama of inner Kongsfjord seen from the little island Storholmen, late September 2012.

Another perspective on the famous mountains and glaciers of inner Kongsfjord, this time from an elevation of 385 metres on Blomstrandhalvøya.


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