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Lomfjord: Faksevågen, Faksefjellet

Lomfjord is a side bay in the northern part of Hinlopen Strait. It is not the world’s biggest fjord, but it has one lovely side bay on its western side, called Faksevågen (Fakse bay). In contrast to most other areas around Hinlopen Strait, you can find some green tundra areas in Faksevågen. It is great to go for some walks or hikes here. Hiking opportunities include the mountain Faksefellet. With its maximimum height of 360 m, it is not Mount Everest, but still, the view from the top, which is decorated with a large erratic boulder, is stunning. You can see almost the whole Lomfjord and large parts of northern Hinlopen Strait from there.

The geology adds fine structures and colours to the mountain slopes.

Panorama Faksevågen: Faksefjellet 1

Panorama Faksevågen: Faksefjellet 2

Another version from the view from Faksefjellet over Lomfjord and Faksevågen.


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