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Magdalenefjord: Gravneset, Gullybukta


Magdalenefjord – Gravneset, Gullybukta as a virtual Panorama tour

Here a 360° tour of Gravneset, Gullybukta:

Magdalenefjord - Gravneset Gullybukta

Magdalenefjord: Gravneset (1)

Gravneset (“grave peninsula”) is the only reasonably flat area in Magdalenefjord, which is famous for its spectacular scenery of pointed mountains and several glaciers. There is a nice sand beach at Gravneset in a mostly well sheltered bay, Trinityhamna. Areas with mosses indicate the presence of seabirds colonies in the vicinity. Little auks are breeding in large numbers on mountain slopes nearby, fertilizing the land.

Magdalenefjord: Gravneset (2)

English whalers knew Trinityhamna as a reasonably well sheltered natural harbour and established a whaling station on Gravneset. There is a large cemetary on a little hill, and some inconspicuous remains of blubber ovens. Against usual habit in Spitsbergen, the historical sites are fenced off and may not be entered, as tourists are coming to Gravneset during the summer in large numbers with cruise ships.

Magdalenefjord: Gullybukta

The little bay of Gullybukta is in direct vicinity of Gravneset. It has a nice glacier (Gullybreen) at its head. The shorelines of Gullybukta shores are quite rocky and not exactly easy to walk, but the impressive scenery is certainly worth the effort.


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