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360 degree panorama and some info about geology and fossils

Meodden, Edgeøya – virtual panoramic tour

Meodden is on the north side of Edgeøya. From here, we have got a great views of the typical landscape around Freemansund. Care is needed as it is not unusual that a polar bear is roaming around somewhere near Meodden or elsewhere in Freemansund. If you are lucky, you can find fossils from the Triassic here: ammonites or even remains of large marine vertebrate animals – marine “dinosaurs” (the term is not technically correct here, strictly speaking) such as pliosaurs or plesiosaurs. So you have to remember that the whole area is part of the Southeast Svalbard Nature Reserve and it is not allowed to collect fossils. But it is allowed to look for them and to enjoy them in situ, as long as you leave them as you found them.


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