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The glacier Nordenskiöldbreen is one of the largest glaciers in Isfjord, in reach from Longyearbyen. It is frequently visited as part of boat trips to Pyramiden during the summer or during snowmobile excursions from Longyearbyen to Pyramiden in spring (if the ice in Billefjord is solid enough to travel across the frozen fjord to Pyramiden). The glacier has repeated strongly in recent years, but it is still very impressive.

Urmstonfjellet is towering high above its icy surroundings south of upper Nordenskiöldbreen. This is the amazing view from its northeastern corner. In the west, you can see Billefjord and, if you look carefully, the Russian settlement Pyramiden. The huge glacier Nordenskiöldbreen is dominating much of the scenery. In the east, it leads up to the ice cap Lomonossovfonna.

The impressive calving cliff of Nordenskiöldbreen in early May.

As so many of its kind, Nordenskiöldbreen has retreated in recent years and thus some small, rocky islets came out under the ice – again, as they had been ice-free before and were covered by the glacier during an advance. The rocks are amongst the oldest known in Spitsbergen

Gallery Nordenskiöldbreen

Finally a couple of impressions of Nordenskiöldbreen from different perspectives.

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