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Prins Karls Forland: Poolepynten

Poolepynten ist a wide, flat peninsula on the eastern (innder) side of Prins Karls Forland, the long, narrow island off Spitsbergen’s west coast. Poolepynten is the most frequently visited sites on Prins Karls Forland. One reason is that landings are mostly easy on either the north or the south side, depending on wind and weather. The main attraction is, however, the well-known walrus colony. There is usually a number of walrus hauled out on the point. The number can vary between 0 and several dozen. Walrus come and go to the water individually, and considering the regular visits by tourists, disturbance can not be excluded although the animals do usually not react if you move carefully and keep your minimum distance of 30 metres.

Regarding scenery, Poolepynten has huge beaches with large amounts of driftwood and the inland a large wetland areas with pools and lagoons. In clear weather you have got fine views of the whole Forlandsund area with both Prins Karls Forland and the west coast of the main island Spitsbergen.

The hut belongs to the Sysselmannen, it does not have any historical significance. The small triangular building close to it was a boat storage.


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