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Pyramiden: Former Russian School

Extensive 360° PanoTour

Pyramiden – school – virtual tour/panorama tour

PanoTour - former Russian School - Pyramiden


The map at the bottom left can be used to jump to the individual stations. But you can also let the whole tour run automatically. The sound can be switched off with the button in the upper right corner. The Pano-Tour also works on the iPad and other comparable tablets, if the device has enough processor power and the operating system is up-to-date enough. On desktop systems it can also be displayed via Flash instead of HTML5.


  1. 01 Entrance
  2. 02 Hallway (ground floor)
  3. 03 Classroom (?) (ground floor)
  4. 04 Hallway (1) (second floor)
  5. 05 Sports hall (second floor)
  6. 06 Classroom (second floor)
  7. 07 Classroom (second floor)
  8. 08 Classroom (second floor)
  9. 09 Hallway 2 (second floor)
  10. 10 Staircase
  11. 11 Showers (second floor)
  12. 12 Classroom (second floor)
  13. 13 Hallway 1 (third floor)
  14. 14 Hallway 2 (third floor)
  15. 15 Theatre room (third floor)
  16. 16 Theatre room 2 (third floor)
  17. 17 Classroom a (third floor)
  18. 18 Classroom b (third floor)
  19. 19 Sleeping room (third floor)
  20. 20 Kindergarten: sleeping room (third floor)
  21. 21 Kindergarten a (third floor)
  22. 22 Kindergarten b (third floor)

01 Entrance

School and kindergarten were located together in one building in Pyramiden, next to the central square and the canteen. In contrast to the latter, the school has, at least so far, not been accessible for visitors on a regular basis. But a visit is indeed fascinating. Architecture and facilities tell a lot about what living and learning might have been like in the old days.

02 Hallway (ground floor)

Hallway on the first floor of the school. Several rooms can be reached from here, including a large, empty room that may have been a classroom.

03 Classroom (?) (ground floor)

A large room on the first floor, now completely empty. Probably a former classroom.

04 Hallway (1) (second floor)

A couple of steps lead up from the ground floor to the long hallway on the second floor. The staircase up to the third floor can be reached from here as well as several old classrooms etc.

05 Sports hall (second floor)

Physical exercise were held in high esteem and sport was especially important during the polar night, when possibilities for children to play outside were rather limited. Next to the large sports hall in the Culture House and the swimming pool in a separate building, there was a small sports hall here in the school and kindergarten building.

06 Classroom (second floor)

One of several classrooms on the second floor with some remains of the outfit. Other than some tables and chairs and a small cupboard made of wooden boxes, there is not much left.

07 Classroom (second floor)

Classroom with some bits and pieces of the outfit, including the blackboard and teacher’s table with some old stuff.

08 Classroom (second floor)

Old classroom that has been turned into a lumber-room. There are chairs, tables, bedframes and various smaller bits and pieces.

09 Hallway 2 (second floor)

Far end (western end) of the hallway on the second floor, with the doors to the sports hall and two classrooms.

10 Staircase

The staircase between the second and the third floor.

11 Showers (second floor)

Small room on the second floor with access to showers and a classroom. It is remarkable that showers where available here.

12 Classroom (second floor)

Classroom, largely empty.

13 Hallway 1 (third floor)

Eastern end of the long hallway on the third floor, next to the door to the stairs to the second floor.

14 Hallway 2 (third floor)

Central part of the hallway on the third floor. The kindergarten, a bedroom and the theater room are accessible from here.

15 Theatre room (third floor)

The theatre room was rather small (the large stage was in the Culture House). But it appears if it is still ready for showtime at any time. Chairs for the audience are in place. The wall painting was appearently made with great care and love.

16 Theatre room 2 (third floor)

The theatre room from the stage end. The simple ship was part of the setting.

17 Classroom a (third floor)

Classroom at the far end (western end) of the hallway on the third floor. A lot of the outfit is still present. The tables are in position as if left behind just yesterday and road signs for traffic education are still standing in the corner.

18 Classroom b (third floor)

The same classroom seen from the other end. Textbooks for various subjects (history, Russian, natural history, geography, …) are still standing on the bookshelves.

19 Sleeping room (third floor)

Sleeping room behind the classroom on the northern side of the hallway. There are still some old bedframes in the room which reminds of an old-fashioned youth hostel. The presence of sleeping rooms and showers next to the classrooms is remarkable.

20 Kindergarten: sleeping room (third floor)

Sleeping room next to the kindergarten on the southern side of the hallway. There are still 6 bedframes on each side of the room, as if they were just about to be used again soon. Books and notebooks are on the table.
A simple sign that is standing in a window says “Kindergarten little penguin”. According to the sign at the entrance to the building, however, the kindergarten was called “Kindergarten little sun.”

21 Kindergarten a (third floor)

A large, nice room for the youngest ones. Various toys are still standing on window benches, tables and cupboards.

22 Kindergarten b (third floor)

The kindergarten “little sun” from a perspective in the back end of the room.


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