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Rabotbreen 1

Rabotbreen is an important stepping stone to the east coast or to the north. After passing the wide-open Sassendalen, the moraine of Rabotbreen can be an obstacle that may be a challenge for novice snow mobile drivers. The exact route is a bit different from year to year, depending on the snow conditions.

Rabotbreen 2

It is well worth taking a little walk up one of the higher moraine hills to enjoy the view. The moraine itself is large and very impressive. The transition from the moraine to the actual glacier (Rabotbreen) is marked by a large meltwater pond which may have water also in winter. Due to this blue water/ice area, the place is inofficially also referred to as „blue eye“.

Rabotbreen 3

Here we are already a bit higher up on Rabotbreen, at the transition towards Nordmannsfonna. The landscape is getting wider and more icy. Small ice crystals in the air have created a halo around the sun.


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