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360° panorama view of Nordaustland's glaciers

Raschøya is a small, remo­te, deso­la­te island off Orvin Land, as the nor­the­ast part of Nord­aus­t­land is cal­led. It is in unchar­ted waters with many small islands and islets and accor­din­gly rare­ly visi­ted. And what would you want to do or see the­re? The­re is not much wild­life other than a few ground-bree­ding birds such as arc­tic terns (but the­re might always be a polar bear behind any rock). It is rather the fee­ling of remo­ten­ess and deso­la­ti­on, the idea of being at the end of the earth, that makes Raschøya an exci­ting place to visit for tho­se who have a sen­se for it.

And then, the­re is Nord­aus­t­land, of cour­se, with its migh­ty ice caps. Orvin Land is most­ly ice-cover­ed, and from Raschøya you have got a stun­ning view of the migh­ty gla­cier Leigh­breen and the ice cap Aus­t­fon­na behind it. This stun­ning arc­tic pan­ora­ma will make any visi­tor feel very small!

The­re is a cairn on top of Raschøya which is obvious­ly old. The island was visi­ted by Alber­ti­ni in 1929, who was try­ing to find fur­ther remains of Nobile’s ill-fated Ita­lia-expe­di­ti­on. May­be Alber­ti­ni built the cairn in 1929.



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